Leaders are knowledge workers too

We often approach leaders and try to sell KM on the benefits it will deliver to their staff, forgetting that leaders are knowledge workers too. The Manager by MaxTortt on Flickr If we think of knowledge workers are “people who make decisions for a living”, then managers and leaders are

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Shared by Nick Milton July 26, 2021

3 words that put "Management" in Knowledge Management

The difference between Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Management lies in three words – systematic, routine, strategic. Quite often we find clients who don’t like the term “knowledge management” and prefer something like “knowledge sharing” instead. Often this comes from the assumption that “knowledge management” means “the management of knowledge”, and

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Shared by Nick Milton December 9, 2020

The role of corporate management in KM

Everyone has a role to play in KM, but what’s the role of corporate management? Copyright-free image from pxhere I pointed out last week that corporate management is one of the stakeholders for KM, and that they have certain needs from the KM program, but with these come responsibilities. Senior

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Shared by Nick Milton October 13, 2017