How long does a Knowledge Management career last?

KM careers last on average 6.3 years, or else become semi-permanent. For very many years, on Linked-In, I have been seeking connections with Knowledge Managers from around the world, in an attempt to understand the global KM industry a bit better. Recently I have noticed that many of these connections

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Shared by Nick Milton September 28, 2018

Example KM job description – KM advisors at HP

Taken from this publication by Knowledge Street, here is a role description for what is effectively KM Help-desk and support staff – the KM advisors at HP consulting services. This is one in a series of example KM role descriptions on this blog. image from wikimedia commons Stan Garfield describes the

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Shared by Nick Milton August 14, 2018

Practice Owner – enabler or bottlneck?

The practice owner is a key role in a KM framework, but are they a bottleneck on progress? Image from wikimedia commons I was presenting at a client internal conference recently, talking aboutKnowledge Management Frameworks. In one section of my talk, I introduced the concept of the Practice Owner, which I

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Shared by Nick Milton May 30, 2018

6 Ps for the knowledge champion

Courtesy of Andrew Trickett, from Arup, here are 6 Ps that knowledge champions and knowledge managers must demonstrate Knowledge champions are an important part of many KM programs, extending the reach and influence of the KM team and acting as ambassadors for, and facilitators of, KM in their part of

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Shared by Nick Milton May 4, 2018

In another updated reprise post from the archives, let’s look at typical roles in the KM organisation. As we pointed out earlier this week, the issue of Roles is an often-neglected part of the KM Framework. A fully mature KM organisation will contain several recognised KM positions in order to

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Shared by Nick Milton April 18, 2018

Head of KM – example job description

Another example role description for you, this time for the Global head of KM for Herbert Smith freehills, the massive multinational law firm (found on LinkedIn). It’s a really nice job description, with a good focus on the overall objective of the role (bullet point 1) and on change management

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Shared by Nick Milton December 11, 2017

What does a Director of Knowledge Management for a legal firm do?

This month there were two “Director of KM” jobs advertised on linked-in.  Let’s see what this job entails. Word cloud from the responsibilities list “Knowledge Management” is a poorly defined term, and Knowledge Management jobs can range from low level data-entry clerks to high level strategic posts, and anything in

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Shared by Nick Milton November 2, 2017

More data on the health of KM (revised)

Is KM dying, alive and well, or on life support? Let’s bring some data into the debate (this post updated based on further data). The debate about the health of KM is a perennial topic, with people variously claiming “KM is dead”, “KM is alive and well” or “KM is

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Shared by Nick Milton October 19, 2017

Process ownership and process owners in KM

The people who own the processes in an organisation are responsible for a big chunk of corporate memory. But who are these people? Perhaps we ought to start with defining what process ownership actually means. Process ownership is a key component of many management approaches such as business process improvement,

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Shared by Nick Milton October 17, 2017

The role of corporate management in KM

Everyone has a role to play in KM, but what’s the role of corporate management? Copyright-free image from pxhere I pointed out last week that corporate management is one of the stakeholders for KM, and that they have certain needs from the KM program, but with these come responsibilities. Senior

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Shared by Nick Milton October 13, 2017