A key lesson-learning role in the military setting

Lesson Learning is well embedded in the United States Army and forms a model which industry can emulate, especially when it comes to assigning knowledge management roles within the business. As explained in this excellent analysis from Nancy Dixon, lesson learning works well in the US Army.  This article describes some of the components of

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Shared by Nick Milton May 29, 2017

8 KM jobs in word-cloud format

Knowledge Management is such a fuzzy term that looking for a KM job is a minefield. One way to see what these jobs actually entail is to use a word cloud as a simple text analysis tool, and see which words leap out. Here are 8 recent jobs posted on

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Shared by Nick Milton May 8, 2017

What is the KM role of the Company Experts?

In a fully developed Knowledge Management framework, the company experts have a key part to play. The experts are one of your core stakeholder groups in KM, and your change management approach needs to explicity address these people.  For many years they may have acted as sole sources of much

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Shared by Nick Milton April 28, 2017

Designing the Knowledge Management organisation

Introducing KM into an organisation is not just a case of new technology or new processes – it involves organisational redesign as well. You can look at Knowledge Management Implementation through many lenses.  The most common are the cultural and technological lenses, which ask “What culture do we need to

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Shared by Nick Milton March 17, 2017