What are the most popular strategic elements of KM?

What do companies around the world identify as their primary KM strategic approaches?  This was another area we wanted to explore in our two global surveys of Knowledge Management. One of the questions in our surveys therefore covered the topic of strategic focus areas for KM, and we asked the

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Shared by Nick Milton October 15, 2019

The 2 factors that determine the size of KM teams

The size of KM teams depends on the size of the organisation, and the maturity of the KM program. Yesterday I talked about the need to put your A-team onto the KM implementation program, and discussed some of the skills you need on the team. What I did not discuss

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Shared by Nick Milton October 9, 2019

7 potential business drivers for Knowledge Management

As part of our Global Knowledge Management Surveys in 2014 and 2017, we asked our respondents about the business imperatives which drove them to invest in Knowledge Management. This is what they answered. The survey asked about the importance of 7 main business drivers, and these are listed below, together

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Shared by Nick Milton September 25, 2019

Knowledge of product, knowledge of process, knowledge of customer

Some companies make things, some do things, some maintain relationships. Process companies, Product companies, Client companies – different focus, different business, different approach to KM.  OK, so that is an oversimplification – most companies are a mix of Doing, Making and Relationship Management; they have product departments where they Make

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Shared by Nick Milton September 4, 2019

What makes a community of practice successful? Top 10 factors

There have been many articles and blog posts (including here) listing “Top Success Factors for Communities of Practice“. Usually these are based on a combination of experience and theory. Here’s a different approach. Image from wikimedia commons As part of our global global Knowledge Management Surveys in 2014 and 2017,

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Shared by Nick Milton August 27, 2019

How KM is migrating from Big Companies to SMEs

So far, Knowledge Management has largely been a Big Company game, but this is changing. This is another conclusion from the Knoco Knowledge Management survey, and is neatly illustrated in the bar chart shown here. The survey was conducted in 2 waves – 204 and 2017, and received submissions form

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Shared by Nick Milton July 1, 2019

Bigger communities of practice are more effective, data shows

The bigger a community of practice is, the more value it delivers. At least according to our KM surveys.  Knoco conducted two major surveys of knowledge management programs in 2014 and 2017, collecting in total more than 700 results. As part of the survey, participants were asked whether Communities of

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Shared by Nick Milton June 28, 2019

Why buying more technology will not solve your KM issues

Technology is not the main issue in Knowledge Management today, according to available data. Results from the free Knoco online survey Here in Knoco we have been taking the pulse of Knowledge Management for many years, through a number of mechanisms, one of which is a free online survey, available here.

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Shared by Nick Milton June 11, 2019