Do you agree with these two KM assumptions?

A recent paper from the Gartner group seems to contain two basic assumptions about knowledge management which I think are worth addressing. See what you think. The Gartner paper is entitled Automate Knowledge Management With Data Science to Enable the Learning Organization, and contains the following blocks of text: “The

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Shared by Nick Milton June 27, 2018

Will AI replace KM?

My answer is No, for the following reasons. image from wikipedia I have been working in Knowledge Management for a long time now, and the history of KM includes examples of one technology after another claiming that it will replace KM or make it obsolete. Yet KM is still here.

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Shared by Nick Milton May 31, 2018

Why you can’t have AI without KM

The rise of AI in the form of intellegent agents requires the rise of KM to support it.  Image from wikimedia commons This is the conclusion of Gartner research, quoted in this Computer Weekly post entitled “IT staff will need to retrain when automation deskills their jobs”. According to the

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Shared by Nick Milton March 28, 2018

The NATO lesson learned portal

The video below is a neat introduction to the concept behind the new Lesson Learned Portal at NATO The video is publically available on the Youtube channel of JALLC, the joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre at NATO The Youtube description is as follows: The NATO Lessons Learned Portal is

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Shared by Nick Milton March 26, 2018

The role of the Knowledge Manager in an AI world

How will the development of Artificial Intelligence affect the role of the Knowledge Manager? There  is a lot of discussion on Artificial Intelligence as part of Knowledge Management, and the use of powerful computing to replace the reliance on experts. As discussed here, the expert, in a rule-based scenario, is seldom

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Shared by Nick Milton September 15, 2017

Can you deliver Knowledge Management with no technology?

There are a few cases – very few – where you can build a Knowledge Management progam without the help of technology.   We often talk about a Knowledge Management Framework as a mix of Roles and Accountabilities, Processes, Technologies, and Governance – the four legs on the Knowledge Management table.

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Shared by Nick Milton September 5, 2017

Which Knowledge Management technologies add most value?

Interesting results are coming through from the Knoco 2017 Knowledge Management survey, including this plot of comparative KM technology value. We asked the survey participants to rate these different types of technology by the value they have added to their KM program, including in the question the option to choose

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Shared by Nick Milton May 24, 2017