The curse of knowledge (video)

When we have a lot of knowledge, we underestimate how hard it is to communicate this to people who don’t know.  This is called the “Curse of Knowledge” – a cognitive bias that leads to people trying to convey knowledge in bullet points, or in fuzzy statements which are meaningless

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Shared by Nick Milton August 19, 2019

Lesson learning at NASA – video

From the AFAC lesson management forum last week, this video below from David Oberhettinger, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, talking about lesson learning in their human and robotic space exploration program David makes some interesting points, such as the need to dedicate individuals for lessons capture (although NASA allows engineers to

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Shared by Nick Milton August 14, 2019

Project Stadia – KM from interpol on Stadium Security

Here are some interesting videos from Interpol on their approach (Project Stadia) to develop and share lessons and good practices on Event Security. As this site explains “With our global network of experts, INTERPOL is ideally placed to serve as a centralized hub for research, design, planning, coordination and training

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Shared by Nick Milton March 11, 2019

Video on KM in a USAID project

The video below is from the USAID-supported Vrisshi project in India, funded to scale up advances in reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health (+ adolescents as well). The video talks about a knowledge base, or collection of publications, that was created through the project for use by medical and health

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Shared by Nick Milton November 22, 2018

How to "sell" the topic of KM (video)

Here is a recording I gave of a talk to ISKO in Singapore, on the topic of “Selling KM” Courtesy of Patrick Lambe ISKO SG Nick Milton How to Sell Knowledge Management from Patrick Lambe on Vimeo. View Original Source ( Here.

My favourite definition of Knowledge Management

A simple but effective definition of KM I was moved to reprise this video, from 2009, in which I offered a simple definition of KM, because I was very pleased to see the same definition appearing in a speech this week by by Director Dr Haji Mohd Zamri bin Haji

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Shared by Nick Milton August 20, 2018