Minimise the change lag in Knowledge Management

Favorite Knowledge Management should not only be effective, but efficient, with minimal change lag. There can be quite a lag between the learning of lessons, and the resulting changes to the organisation, and in that time lag – the change lag – there is potential for many inefficiencies and repeat

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Shared by Nick Milton February 9, 2017

Why hoarding knowledge is bad for you

Favorite People often assume that hoarding knowledge will protect their reputation as a “source of knowledge”, and that if they share what they know, they may no longer be needed.  This is not always the case. Greed by David Goehring on Flickr I spoke with a lady recently, who had

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Shared by Nick Milton February 8, 2017

The Substitution test for learning from mistakes

Favorite When is a mistake an opportunity for an organisation to learn, and when is it just a human error? There is a test for that. Image from Wikimedia commons “Learning from mistakes” is a goal of many lesson learning systems, and with good reason. If an organisation can learn

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Shared by Nick Milton February 7, 2017

Case study video – CoPs at Homeland Security

Favorite Here is an interesting video by Jose Vazquez on the use of Communities of Practice for First Responders at Homeland Security in the USA. First Responder Communities of Practice is a professional networking, collaboration and communication platform created by the Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate to

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Shared by Nick Milton February 6, 2017

Building "Rubber Rooms" for Knowledge Management

Favorite To play safely, sometimes you need a rubber room. The “KM rubber room” is a great analogy I picked up from Emily Timmins, Knowledge Manager at Severn Trent Water.  She has been introducing Peer Assists in her organisation, and the analogy she uses for a “safe space” for knowledge sharing

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Shared by Nick Milton February 1, 2017

A CEO’s view of Knowledge Management

Favorite It is very interesting to see Knowledge Management from a CEO’s point of view.  Here is what one CEO said. Image from blue diamond gallery If you are “selling” KM to your CEO, then you need to know exactly how a CEO views the topic. To my knowledge, there

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Shared by Nick Milton January 31, 2017

Why a Community Charter is important

Favorite Communities of practice are one of the corenerstones of Knowledge Management, and one of the keys to successful communities is a good Charter. Community core team in front of their draft charter Communities of practice are perhaps the most popular element of Knowledge Management Frameworks. In our Knowledge Management

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Shared by Nick Milton January 30, 2017

How much are you spending on knowledge?

Favorite It’s quite easy to work out how much your organisation spends on Knowledge.  Here’s how. Today I will bring VALUE by Kimberley Kling on Flickr I often say that if your management knew the value of your organisation’s knowledge, then knowledge management would be an easy sell – a

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Shared by Nick Milton January 27, 2017