Dealing with the important urgent knowledge first

We often say that “Knowledge Management must be focused on the critical business knowledge”, but how do we identify what that critical knowledge is? There are actually two dimensions to identifying the criticality of a Knowledge Topic (at least in terms of steering your KM program). These are Importance, and Urgency I

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Shared by Nick Milton May 30, 2017

When does Learning and Development take over from KM?

Knowledge Management and L&D are both part of the spectrum for Organisational Learning. But where does one take over from the other? This topic has been a point of discussion ever since KM began.  Where does KM end, and Learning and Development take over? We can look at this through

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Shared by Nick Milton February 10, 2017

How to apply Guerrilla Knowledge Management

What if you have no senior management backing for your Knowledge Management program?  In a situation like this, your only recourse is to take a strategy known as “Guerrilla KM,” or “Stealth KM.” ExplosionOriginally uploaded by ˙Cаvin 〄 A Guerrilla Knowledge Management program is one where you work undercover, out

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Shared by Nick Milton January 20, 2017

6 danger signs for a Knowledge Management Strategy

How do you know your Knowledge Management strategy is in danger of crashing? Here are 6 signs. These 6 danger signs are from a 2009 blog post by Lucas McDonnell, reproduced as a Linked-In Pulse article in 2015. Image from wikimedia commons 1. People outside your group don’t understand what you’re doing. Assuming

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Shared by Nick Milton January 18, 2017