How to make a start in KM – answers from the survey

The Knoco 2017 survey of global Knowledge Management has recently closed, with submissions from 428 participants. Here is an interesting insight from the preliminary results. This insight is a combination of two of the questions, and it seeks analyse the most effective ways to get your KM program started.  The

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Shared by Nick Milton May 15, 2017

Knowledge Management – still increasingly important

Knowledge Management is still increasing in importance at a steady rate, according to advance results from a global survey Knoco are currently conducting a global survey of Knowledge Management approaches and trends. The survey is a re-run of one of the most comprehensive surveys of global knowledge management ever devised, conducted

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Shared by Nick Milton May 3, 2017

More success factors for Communities of Practice

Building on yesterday’s post, here is some more data on the success factors for CoPs. As part of the Knoco 2014 survey on Knowledge Management, participants were asked whether Communities of Practice (CoPs) formed part of their KM approach. 73% answered Yes.  Interestingly, the people who answered Yes (and therefore

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Shared by Nick Milton January 17, 2017