How to estimate the size of the KM prize

I blogged last week about the importance of knowing the value KM will deliver. But how do you do this? Big Prize, by Alberto G on Flickr As I said in last week’s post; if you understand the value that Knowledge Management can bring, then you understand how much you

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Shared by Nick Milton August 12, 2019

Why it’s important to know the value KM will deliver

Why is it important to understand the business value of Knowledge Management? The answer is a simple one – if you understand the value, you understand how much you can justify investing. Image by on Flickr A couple of days ago we discussed KM metrics, including the Impact (or value) metric.

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Shared by Nick Milton August 8, 2019

Quantified KM value example number 127

In this job advertisement, found on LinkedIn, we find an example of quantified value delivery from KM. Image from wikimedia commons The job advertisement, posted a week ago, is for a “KM Manager” for Shell, based in the Hague, who will run KM for Shell’s Projects and Technology business. It

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Shared by Nick Milton July 23, 2019

The Knowledge Management "What’s in it for me"

Knowledge Management will work in an organisation when there is something of value in it for the people involved. WIIFM by Nathan Stephens on Flickr This is what we call the “principle of local value” – the WIIFM for the KM user. If KM is of local value, it will

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Shared by Nick Milton July 8, 2019

Find out how much difference Knowledge makes to performance

Do you want to know how much difference knowledge makes to performance? Here are some experimental data. Based on the controlled experiment that we call “Bird Island“, we can tell you that Collecting, discussing and re-using your own team knowledge can make a 40% difference to performance Using knowledge of

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Shared by Nick Milton May 8, 2019

Having the time to halve the time

KM is an investment of time to save even more time. Image from wikimedia commons Here is an extract from a conversation last week. Me: Can you give me any examples where the Community of Practice could add value?Client: At the last meeting we identified one of these – we

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Shared by Nick Milton April 30, 2019

Quantified KM value stories 125 and 126

This post contains two more entries in a long series of examples of quantified value delivery from KM. The two examples below come from the article “Knowledge management in a steel company : a case study of the Gerdau Group” written in 2009 by Marcelo Kuhn, and both refer to value

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Shared by Nick Milton April 25, 2019

The most expensive part of a project is the mistakes

In any project, the most expensive item is the mistakes. Use KM, modularisation and standardisation to keep mistakes to the minimum. Arches, a photo by Paul Ebbo on Flickr. The title of this blog post comes from a quote by the author Ken Follet in his book “The Pillars of

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Shared by Nick Milton April 23, 2019

A simple picture to link KM and continuous improvement

Knowledge Management is the discipline that drives continuous improvement. Here is a diagram that makes this clear We are all familiar with the link between Knowledge and continuous improvement in our personal lives, as demonstrated by the familiar saying “Practice Makes Perfect”. The more we do something, the better we

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Shared by Nick Milton March 29, 2019

How KM gives benchmarking a purpose

KM can add purpose to internal benchmarking, by using it to drive knowledge sharing Image from wikimedia commons Many commercial organisations track internal KPIs.  They publish league tables of the different departments, and differentiate the high performers, and the poor performers. But Why? What’s the point? Surely not just to

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Shared by Nick Milton February 1, 2019