KM value delivery through problem solving

Much of the value delivered through Knowledge Management comes as a result of solving problems. “How do you show the value of Knowledge Management?” Yet another client was asking me the same question – how can you demonstrate the value? I had just quoted to him Shell’s claim that they deliver £200m

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Shared by Nick Milton April 26, 2017

Knowledge Management, eliminating the Archaeology from projects.

A client said to me last week, a propos of Information Architecture, that “up to 40% of Architecture is Archaeology”.  Knowledge Management can help address that 40%. Image from wikimedia commons By the statement “up to 40% of Architecture is Archaeology” he meant that up to 40% of Information Architecture

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Shared by Nick Milton February 20, 2017

Quantified KM value story 109 – Navidad Energy

The best place to find KM value stories is in well-metricated environments, where the effects of learning are easily measured.  Image from wikimedia commons Oil drilling is the ideal environment for seeing KM value. Drilling is very well metricated, and the time between learning something and measuring the results of

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Shared by Nick Milton February 15, 2017