Thought you might like to see this knowledge product

The video below is a product of the Olympic Games Knowledge Management program, as part of their methodology for transferring experience from one organising committee to another. The 27-minute video is introduced here, and was created during the Rio Olympics to describe the work of press photographers at the Olympic

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Shared by Nick Milton November 26, 2020

Lessons learned in Emergencies

 In the video interview below with  Santhosh Shekar, my Australian colleague Ian Fry talks about lesson learning in the Australian emergency services, both on the recent Bush Fires, and also during the Covid pandemic. He also shares his thoughts on ISO 30401:2018; the ISO management systems standard for KM. View

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Shared by Nick Milton November 23, 2020

KM and Covid – an overview (video)

 Courtesy of Patrick Lambe, please find below my video related to KM and Covid, presented at the ISKO singapore meeting on KM and the Covid Crisis ISKO SG KM and Covid Event – Nick Milton from Patrick Lambe on Vimeo. View Original Source ( Here.

Why deferring judgement is important in KM

Defer judgement – never drive your brain with the brakes on. One of the ten key elements of an Organisational Learning culture is Openness, and part of the key to openness is deferral of judgement. We see this in processes such as After Action Review and Retrospect, where the facilitator

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Shared by Nick Milton March 9, 2020

The 10 myths of creativity

In his book “The myths of creativity” , David Burkus demystifies the creative process, and explodes what he calls the top ten myths about creativity, based on his research with highly creative individuals and firms. The ten myths are listed and described below, and David introduces two of them in

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Shared by Nick Milton February 13, 2020

Challenges for a new CKO (NASA video)

In this video, Ed Hoffman (ex-CKO of NASA) talks about some of the challenges facing a new CKO trying to introduce a new KM program. He concludes The KM program has to “fit” the organisation, and how people work The KM program should address pain points for people and for

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Shared by Nick Milton January 31, 2020

NASA’s "5 most common KM mistakes"

In a 2015 video reprise from Edward Rogers, CKO of NASA Goddard, he explains what he sees as the 5 most common mistakes in implementing KM. All of these stem from one reason, which is that KM people too often fail to learn from the experience of the past. Edward’s

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Shared by Nick Milton January 21, 2020