An influencing strategy for introducing KM

Introducing Knowledge Management into an organisation is largely a process of influencing, advocating and selling. Here is some guidance on which influencing tools to use as your program progresses.  I wrote a blog post just before lockdown, listing 9 influencing tactics you can use when introducing Knowledge Management.   The 9

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Shared by Nick Milton June 16, 2020

9 influencing tactics to use when promoting KM

The Farnham Street blog (reporting on the book Mind Gym) describes nine tactics you can use to influence others, while making the point that ““it is essential that you understand the other person’s reasons so you can use tactics that will work to persuade them, as opposed to tactics that would

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Shared by Nick Milton February 27, 2020

How to sell KM – what we can learn from the Wolf of Wall Street

The knowledge manager, seeking to lead the change to a Knowledge Management culture in their own organisation, needs to know how to sell their product.  Image from wikimedia commons As a Knowledge Manager, you are asking people to pay attention to something (knowledge) which previously has been ignored. You are

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Shared by Nick Milton February 17, 2020

"Buried Treasure" – A KM selling point to senior management

This is an argument you can use with your senior management, when trying to sell Knowledge Management. Image from wikimedia commons Knowledge is a resource you already own; you just haven’t properly monetized it yet.  Any organisation is rich with knowledge, and our organisation pays a lot for knowledge already

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Shared by Nick Milton November 12, 2018

How to "sell" the topic of KM (video)

Here is a recording I gave of a talk to ISKO in Singapore, on the topic of “Selling KM” Courtesy of Patrick Lambe ISKO SG Nick Milton How to Sell Knowledge Management from Patrick Lambe on Vimeo. View Original Source ( Here.

How to structure your KM elevator pitch

Everyone needs an elevator pitch for KM. Base it around these 3 questions.  Buzzword Bingo – elevator pitchby Ron Mader on Flickr The elevator pitch is your 30-second attemtp to sell KM to a senior manager you meet in an elevator. It needs to be short, concise, and engaging. According to

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Shared by Nick Milton April 19, 2018

The "KM ROI" question – problem or opportunity?

Your manager comes to you and says “I like the idea of Knowledge Management, but you have to give me an ROI figure”. Is this a problem, or an opportunity? At first sight this is a problematic request, as the ROI for KM is notoriously difficult to predict. If your

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Shared by Nick Milton April 10, 2018

The four most dangerous words in KM

There are four dangerous words you hear a lot when introducing KM. Here’s how to respond to them. Image from “This organisation is different” Those are the four words, and they usually appear in this context. “Here is a story about how knowledge management helps organisations like this one”

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Shared by Nick Milton June 28, 2017

Selling KM based on emotion

You have have made a logical business case for KM at your organisation, but nobody buys things based on logic. USP by photosteve101 on Flickr People generally buy things based on emotion (“I must have that – it looks so cool”), and then convince themselves by logic that is was a Good

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Shared by Nick Milton June 8, 2017