Gemini models are coming to Performance Max

Favorite New improvements and AI-powered features are coming to Performance Max, including Gemini models for text generation. View Original Source ( Here.

What is a long context window?

Favorite Gemini 1.5 Pro brings big improvements to speed and efficiency, but one of its innovations is its long context window, which measures how many tokens that the model can … View Original Source ( Here.

How AI can strengthen digital security

Favorite We’re launching the AI Cyber Defense Initiative to help transform cybersecurity and use AI to reverse the dynamic known as the “Defender’s Dilemma” View Original Source ( Here.

Our next-generation model: Gemini 1.5

Favorite Gemini 1.5 delivers dramatically enhanced performance, with a breakthrough in long-context understanding across modalities. View Original Source ( Here.

Learning the importance of training data under concept drift

Favorite Posted by Nishant Jain, Pre-doctoral Researcher, and Pradeep Shenoy, Research Scientist, Google Research The constantly changing nature of the world around us poses a significant challenge for the development of AI models. Often, models are trained on longitudinal data with the hope that the training data used will accurately

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Shared by Google AI Technology February 14, 2024