Celebrating 25 years of Open Source at Campus Party

Favorite The Open Source Initiative (OSI) continues to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Open Source at the best tech conferences from around the world, promoting Open Source software and fostering collaboration within the global community. This past month, the OSI celebrated the anniversary in all corners of the world: at

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Shared by voicesofopensource August 3, 2023

Three takeaways from Data + AI Summit

Favorite A few weeks ago I had the privilege of attending the Data + AI Summit in San Francisco. It was one of the best conferences I have attended for several reasons. The main one is that it reinforced my belief that Open Source models will play an important role

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Shared by voicesofopensource July 20, 2023

Digital activists and open movement leaders share their perspective with Open Future in new research report, “Shifting tides: the open movement at a turning point”

Favorite Open Future conducted a study to gain a better understanding of the current state of the open movement, as seen through the eyes of people actively involved in its endeavors and leading organizations within the movement. Open Future believes that a shared movement identity and a shared advocacy agenda

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Shared by voicesofopensource June 22, 2023

OSI calls for revision of disclosure rules in CRA

Favorite OSI is a co-signatory of an open letter sent this week to the European Parliament by European Digital Rights (EDRi) expressing concern that the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) draft currently under consideration still includes mandatory requirements for vulnerability disclosure that violate best practices in Open Source software collaborations and are

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Shared by voicesofopensource June 20, 2023

The AI renaissance and why Open Source matters

Favorite Sharing knowledge and sharing code has always been a key driver for innovation in Artificial Intelligence. Researchers have gathered together since AI was established as a field to develop and advance novel techniques, from Natural Language Processing to Artificial Neural Networks, from Machine Learning to Deep Learning. The Open

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Shared by voicesofopensource June 6, 2023

Why open video is vital for Open Source

Favorite The news that the European Commission’s competition directorate (DG COMP) has decided not to conduct a full antitrust investigation into the Alliance for Open Media’s (AOM) licensing policy is to be welcomed, especially for the AV1 CODEC specification (successor to the VP9 CODEC and intended to allow royalty-free, high-quality video streaming). It seems

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Shared by voicesofopensource May 23, 2023

Why advocacy and outreach matter

Favorite Despite a 25-year history, Open Source is still misunderstood or misrepresented. I still read about developers, a cohort you’d expect to know better, arguing whether software licensed with the GNU GPL is Open Source because “one cannot resell it” (hint: the GNU GPL doesn’t prevent users from selling software.)

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Shared by voicesofopensource April 14, 2023

It’s time to vote

Favorite It’s that time of year when the board confirms and renews its members. If you’re a full member of OSI you’ll receive a ballot at the end of this week.  Members of the OSI have an incredible opportunity to oversee and steer the organization, supporting me and the staff

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Shared by voicesofopensource March 15, 2023

Why Open Source should be exempt from Standard-Essential Patents

Favorite With the European Commission soon to offer the Parliament a bill relating to Standard-Essential Patents (SEPs), it is worth taking time to understand exactly why vendors requiring negotiations to use the patents they have embedded in “open” standards is antithetical to Open Source practice. The value and prosperity generated from Open Source arises from

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Shared by voicesofopensource March 2, 2023