The 5 key skill areas for a KM implementation team

Favorite Here are 5 key skill areas you must not ignore when putting together your Knowledge Management implementation team. You need to have all of them on the team. Image from wikimedia commons You know the four enablers of People, Process, Technology and Governance? What we call the four legs on the

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Shared by Nick Milton March 21, 2022

4 roles for the KM team

Favorite I presented this Boston Square last week to talk about 4 styles of knowledge transfer. Here’s how the KM team can help with each.  The Boston Square looks at four modes of knowledge transfer within KM, differentiated by Push and Pull, and Documented/Undocumented knowledge.  Any balanced KM program will

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Shared by Nick Milton October 26, 2020

The 2 factors that determine the size of KM teams

Favorite The size of KM teams depends on the size of the organisation, and the maturity of the KM program. Yesterday I talked about the need to put your A-team onto the KM implementation program, and discussed some of the skills you need on the team. What I did not

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Shared by Nick Milton October 9, 2019

Which 5 skills do you need on your KM team?

Favorite There are five key skills you need on a KM team, no matter what sort of organisation you are. Image from ROverhate ( via needpix Implementing Knowledge Management needs attention to many things – to People, Process and Technology, to Governance, Change Management, to Collecting knowledge and Connecting people,

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Shared by Nick Milton July 4, 2019

10 tasks for the KM team when KM implementation is complete

Favorite When KM implementation is over, the KM team still has a job of work to do Implementing Knowledge Management is a long project of culture change, and the introduction of a new management framework (roles, processes, technologies, governance).  The Knowledge Management team’s initial role is to design and introduce

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Shared by Nick Milton March 20, 2019

10 things a KM champion needs to understand

Favorite Here are ten things a KM Champion needs to understand in order to do their job well. Image from wikimedia commons Understand your roleDiscuss this with the KM team until you have a clear idea what your role as Champion entails. It may contain elements such as the following:

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Shared by Nick Milton October 5, 2017

To which department should KM report?

Favorite Where is the best place for Knowledge Management in an organisation? This is a common question in the early stages of a Knowledge Management implementation program. It also sometimes arises later on; if you start KM with a temporary task force reporting at a high level, then when KM

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Shared by Nick Milton July 12, 2017

The most important skill on your KM team

Favorite There are many skills needed on your KM team, but one is more important than any of the others. I have been involved in a few overview visits to Knowledge Management programs recently, and a common factor in all of them has been a missing skill within the Knowledge

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Shared by Nick Milton June 13, 2017