Regulatory language cannot be the same for all software

Favorite In reviewing the language and concepts being used in the various draft bills and directives circulating in Brussels at present, it is clear that the experts crafting the language are using their understanding of proprietary software to build the protections they clearly intend for Open Source. This may be

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Shared by voicesofopensource May 25, 2023

Why open video is vital for Open Source

Favorite The news that the European Commission’s competition directorate (DG COMP) has decided not to conduct a full antitrust investigation into the Alliance for Open Media’s (AOM) licensing policy is to be welcomed, especially for the AV1 CODEC specification (successor to the VP9 CODEC and intended to allow royalty-free, high-quality video streaming). It seems

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Shared by voicesofopensource May 23, 2023

Open Source ensures code remains a part of culture

Favorite As Lessig observed in his 1999 book “CODE, and other laws of cyberspace”, a citizen’s practical experience of the law and of society today is through the software that implements the written law. All the computer code that governs our lives and liberty should be open to public scrutiny in

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Shared by voicesofopensource April 19, 2023