11 ground-rules for successful After Action reviews

Favorite AAR is a quick and simple but powerful KM process. Here are 11 rules for AAR success. After Action Review (AAR) is one of the most basic Knowledge Management processes – quick, simple and powerful when used well, and when used to drive change and improvement. An organisation that

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Shared by Nick Milton July 19, 2019

5 success factors for project learning

Favorite Learning effectively from projects is a goal for many organisations. Here are some ways how to do it. Dams project team, by US Army Corps of Engineers, on Flickr The list below of success factors for project-based learning was proposed by Schindler and Eppler, two researchers working out of

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Shared by Nick Milton October 30, 2018

Fast learning in action – the Tailboard AAR

Favorite Sometimes learning after an event should be instantaneous, as in the “Tailboard AARs” used by fire crews. The Tailboard AAR  is a term used by the Fire Service to describe a short Knowledge-sharing session (an After Action Review) that should happen immediately after activity, around the Tailboard of a fire

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Shared by Nick Milton October 10, 2018

The 11 steps of FEMA’s lesson capture process

Favorite The US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has a pretty good process for capturing and distributing lessons. Here are the 11 steps. Every Emergency Services organisation pays close attention to Lesson-Learning  (see for the approach taken by the Wildland Fire Service). They know that effective attention to learning from lessons can

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Shared by Nick Milton January 12, 2018

After Action Review as an agent for culture change

Favorite When we talk about Culture Change and Knowledge Management, we need to realise that the Knowledge Management processes themselves are in themselves culture change agents. After Action reviews are a prime example. They promote openness; people will learn that ‘there is no comeback’ and questions will receive answers. They promote

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Shared by Nick Milton September 19, 2017

6 reasons why After Action reviews are such a great tool.

Favorite After Action reviews are one of the core tools in Knowledge Management – but what makes them so powerful? After Action review by US Army Europe on Flickr After Action Reviews (AARs) are like the Hammer in the Knowledge Manager’s toolkit – one of the most basic and most

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Shared by Nick Milton January 13, 2017