Adopt, adapt, improve

Adopt, adapt, improve could be seen as a mantra for KM – but is it always the right approach? “Adopt, Adapt, Improve” is the maxim of the British “Round Table” club – a non-political, non-sectarian association for young professional men, for social and professional ends. The maxim comes from a

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Shared by Nick Milton October 23, 2018

3 levels of knowledge authority; Must, Should, Could

Knowledge in an organisation often comes in 3 levels of authority – Must, Should and Could Copyright Knoco 2018 I am often asked “Does knowledge management have to be top-down, command and control? Should the company be telling people what to do and how to do it? Why can’t knowledge

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Shared by Nick Milton October 9, 2018

What are the outputs of the KM workstream?

KM organisations need a Knowledge workstream as well as a Product/Project workstream. But what are the knowledge outputs? I have blogged several times about the KM workstream you need in your organisation; the knowledge factory that runs alongside the product factory or the project factory.  But what are the outputs

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Shared by Nick Milton March 5, 2018

How Best Practices work – an example from Sport

Best Practices are part of Knowledge Management, but sometimes misused. Here is an example of how they really work. Picture originally from here There is a lot of pushback in the KM world about the term “best practice”. In the discussion groups, we hear people saying “we don’t believe in

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Shared by Nick Milton August 8, 2017