Data-centric ML benchmarking: Announcing DataPerf’s 2023 challenges

Favorite Posted by Peter Mattson, Senior Staff Engineer, ML Performance, and Praveen Paritosh, Senior Research Scientist, Google Research, Brain Team Machine learning (ML) offers tremendous potential, from diagnosing cancer to engineering safe self-driving cars to amplifying human productivity. To realize this potential, however, organizations need ML solutions to be reliable

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Shared by Google AI Technology March 30, 2023

How collaboration can simplify

Favorite Collaboration adds simplicity in a complicated world.  Simplifying through collaboration is the topic of a Ted talk by Yves Morieux, embedded below, in which he gives us 6 rules to simplify work. Watch the talk to get the context, but here are his 6 rules (with more explanation here)

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Shared by Nick Milton August 9, 2019

When knowledge sharing becomes collaboration

Favorite There is a step in the maturation of communities of practice when their focus shifts from knowledge sharing to collaboration Working together, a photo by Hepcat75 on Flickr. Collaboration is an unnatural act in humans. We are tribal animals, and all our instincts lead us to see life in

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Shared by Nick Milton March 27, 2019

How a lurker benefits from observing collaboration

Favorite A lurker within the massively collaborative Polymath project explains the benefit he received. Lurking Cat, by Filip Maljkovic, on Flickr The Polymath Project is a collaboration among mathematicians to solve important and difficult mathematical problems by coordinating many mathematicians to communicate with each other. The project uses a blog,

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Shared by Nick Milton August 23, 2018

When collaboration does more harm than good

Favorite Collaboration is not always helpsful, and there are cases where it actually reduces your chance of success. The ideas in this blog post are from a very interesting paper by Martine Haas and Morten Hansen, who look at success data from bid teams to find out when collaboration actually helps

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Shared by Nick Milton August 7, 2017