How to learn like an ant

Favorite Social and organisational learning is so easy that even ants can do it, and we can learn from the principles they apply. Leafcutter ant trail by Jasper Nance on flickr If you look at an ant trail from the nest to a source of food, it is pretty direct. The

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Shared by Nick Milton June 4, 2020

Plan, Do, Measure, Learn

Favorite The addition of Learning to a Deming-like cycle may help integrate KM and continual improvement. The Deming cycle is at the heart of continuous improvement. Based on 4 steps of “Plan-Do-Check-Act” (PDCA) it is a cycle of action, or a cycle of mindfulness, that drives and continuous improvement. Learning

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Shared by Nick Milton October 24, 2018

Adopt, adapt, improve

Favorite Adopt, adapt, improve could be seen as a mantra for KM – but is it always the right approach? “Adopt, Adapt, Improve” is the maxim of the British “Round Table” club – a non-political, non-sectarian association for young professional men, for social and professional ends. The maxim comes from

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Shared by Nick Milton October 23, 2018

The ongoing state of learning

Favorite Companies that succeed are those that learn all the time, even when the going is good Success, by DennisM2 on Flickr This is an insight that came to me from 2 directions this week, one from an article in Forbes magazine, and one from a discussion on Toyota The

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Shared by Nick Milton July 26, 2018

Learning before, during and after; how it works in Sport

Favorite “Learning before, during and after” is a common principle applied to knowledge management in project-based organisations.  But what does it really mean? We may have read about the principle of learning before, during and after in projects, but if you want to see how it really works in practice,

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Shared by Nick Milton July 3, 2018