The importance of Conversation Management in KM

Why do we hear so much about Content Management in Knowledge Management, and so little about Conversation Management? Image from wikimedia commonsCC licenceAttribution Dean Calma, IAEA Happy New Year to all readers of this blog. I have been blogging about Knowledge Management topics on an almost daily basis since early

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Shared by Nick Milton January 8, 2021

Do you always need conversation as part of KM?

There are 3 unusual cases where conversation is not important to KM, but they are rare! Conversation, by Valery Kenski, on Flickr This blog has often argued that conversation is as important as content in KM, that conversation is at the heart of effective knowledge transfer, and that without conversation it

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Shared by Nick Milton December 12, 2019

Management by Talking About

Part of the way you manage issues such as risk, safety and knowledge, is by creating times and processes for talking about them. Steven Denning, at the Ottowa Knowledge Management summit a few years ago, said that the learning capacity of an organisation is directly related to it’s ability to

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Shared by Nick Milton May 15, 2019

Why Dialogue is at the heart of Knowledge Management

Dialogue is the engine behind Knowledge Management – it is the primary means by which Knowledge is shared and absorbed. We often assume that connecting people together will lead to better knowledge exchange, but connecting wires doesn’t necessarily make a circuit. You need a way of ensuring conductivity as well

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Shared by Nick Milton May 9, 2019

5 types of conversation – only one works for KM

Knowledge Management is a combination of content management and conversation management, but which sort of conversations do we need? Let’s talk, by Ron mader, on Flickr Conversation is widely recognised as the best Knowledge Management tool there is. Tacit knowledge and true understanding can be shared through conversation, but not

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Shared by Nick Milton October 31, 2018