The expert – dumber than the crowd/machine?

Favorite What happens in a world where the crowd, or the machine, is smarter than the expert? The excellent book Think Twice: Harnessing the Power of Counterintuition by Michael Mauboussin, was that “as networks harness the wisdom of crowds, the ability of experts to add value in their predictions is steadily declining.

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Shared by Nick Milton August 21, 2020

How to recruit the experts in support of KM

Favorite The Experts can sometimes be resistant to KM, seeing it as a threat or a burden, with little personal reward. How can we address this? Image from wikimedia commons Many clients we speak to are having real problems recruiting the expert knowledge holders to the concept of Knowledge Management. Even

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Shared by Nick Milton September 13, 2019

Why leaving knowledge in people’s heads is not a great strategy

Favorite The default approach to managing knowledge which many companies use, is to keep knowledge in people’s heads, and to move the knowledge where it is needed by moving the people, not by transferring the knowledge.  Homer Simpson’s head by SOCIALisBETTER on Flickr In this old model, knowledge is owned

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Shared by Nick Milton September 6, 2019

The new role of the expert in Knowledge Management

Favorite I blogged a while back about the role of the expert in KM. Here is a new article that explains this role in the customer service world. Hello my name is Expert 2, by Graham Lavender, on Flickr In my post “what do you do with your best experts”

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Shared by Nick Milton June 20, 2019

Why beginners and experts behave differently in KM

Favorite Experts and beginners behave differently in Knowledge Management systems. Here’s why. Great Meadows Fishing Day by U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service, on Flickr Confucius said “Shall I tell you what true knowledge is? When you know, to know that you know, and when you do not know, to

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Shared by Nick Milton February 16, 2018

What is the KM role of the Company Experts?

Favorite In a fully developed Knowledge Management framework, the company experts have a key part to play. The experts are one of your core stakeholder groups in KM, and your change management approach needs to explicity address these people.  For many years they may have acted as sole sources of

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Shared by Nick Milton April 28, 2017

Finding an answer in the Long Tail of Knowledge

Favorite When looking for knowledge, let’s not just rely on finding the experts. We know that actually only a small percentage of knowledge in an organisation can be accessed through documents, and that most of it is in the heads of people. We know that if we can “find the

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Shared by Nick Milton February 14, 2017