Why communities of practice need active management

Here is a cautionary tale about the importance of active Community of Practice management and facilitation, and what happens when the facilitator is removed. The story comes from Tom Humbarger, who was the community facilitator for a professional community from January 2007 until he was made redundant in July 2008.

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Shared by Nick Milton July 6, 2020

Why facilitation is a core skill in KM

Tacit knowledge is shared and captured through the interaction of people and teams, and facilitation is key to effective interaction. Facilitation is one of the Key skills of the Knowledge Manager. The vast majority of organisational knowledge is carried in people’s heads, and the most effective way to transfer knowledge

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Shared by Nick Milton June 12, 2020

Why facilitation is important to KM processes

As long as Knowledge Management involves face-to-face interaction between teams and individuals, Facilitation has a key role to play. Good facilitation is essential to effective face-to-face KM processes.  Effectively identifying and exchanging knowledge in a meeting requires high quality interactions between people. These interactions need to be built on Open

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Shared by Nick Milton May 2, 2017