3 reasons why people don’t share knowledge

A recent article from HBR identifies three reasons why people don’t share knowledge.  Image from meco 6925 on Flickr There are many reasons why people don’t seek or share knowledge; the 3 most basic being that they don’t think of it, they don’t know how, or they don’t want to

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Shared by Nick Milton July 22, 2019

Two simple management questions that drive a KM culture

KM behaviours can be influenced quite easily by two simple questions from line management Image from wikipedia I posted on Monday about “What’s in it for me” in KM, and how implementing Knowledge Management relies on identifying the local value. Part of the local value can be driven by the

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Shared by Nick Milton July 10, 2019

Pride as a KM disincentive/incentive

Pride is an interesting motivator in Knowledge Management. In some cases it acts as a real dis-incentive, but if harnessed well it can be a powerful driver for KM behaviours. Proud Lion from Public Domain Pictures I was reflecting on this recently while running one of our powerful Bird Island exercises.

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Shared by Nick Milton March 30, 2017