How to recognise a KM opportunity

Favorite Implementing Knowledge Management involves identifying opportunities where KM can help the business. But how do you spot these opportunities? My Name is Opportunity, by One Way Stock, on Flickr Implementing KM is not just a case of top-down roll-out of a Knowledge Management framework, but should involve looking for

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Shared by Nick Milton September 24, 2020

Lean KM and the Minimum Viable Product

Favorite There is a concept in lean manufacturing known as the “minimum viable product”. This is a very valuable concept to bear in mind when introducing Knowledge Management to an organisation Image from The concept of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is generally taken as being the simplest and

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Shared by Nick Milton August 24, 2020

What KM can learn from start-ups – 5, build a good product

Favorite Last week I started a set of blog posts likening KM implementation to a business start-up. Here is number 5 in the series.  Lean Start-up methodology, by Rebeca Zuniga on Flickr This blog series uses this analogy of a start-up to inform KM implementation. It reviews 5 common reasons

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Shared by Nick Milton January 28, 2020

Selecting KM pilots to address non-Quality

Favorite Among many interesting discussions at the KAConnect 2018 conference was one on selecting KM pilots focused on reducing the cost of non-quality.  Participants at KA connect 2018 The conversation was, as many KM conversations are, about Value. The annual KAConnect conference is for the Architecture and Engineering community, and

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Shared by Nick Milton May 7, 2018

3 key roles in a KM pilot project

Favorite To achieve success in a KM pilot, there are three major roles that need to be in place. Blickling Hall, Gardens and Park by Martin Pettitt, on Flickr KM pilot projects are when you take Knowledge Management out into the business, and “try it for real”. They are a

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Shared by Nick Milton March 8, 2018

How many KM pilots do you run at once?

Favorite KM Pilots are a key step in agile KM implementation, but how many pilots do you run? Knowledge Management pilot projects are a core componment of KM implementation. As we explained last month, a pilot project uses KM to solve a business problem in order to test and demonstrate

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Shared by Nick Milton February 14, 2018

How to select a successful KM pilot project

Favorite Knowledge Management pilot projects are a crucial part of any KM implementation. But how do you select a good pilot?                                                    A KM pilot project is

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Shared by Nick Milton January 25, 2018

The "busy trap" in KM

Favorite What do you do when people are too busy to implement time-saving activities such as KM? Picture from Alan O’Rourke, on  Flickr We know that good KM saves time. But how do you make the time to save the time? This was a conversation I was involved in recently

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Shared by Nick Milton March 14, 2017