What is a knowledge product?

The concept of a Knowledge Product is a common one in the development sector, and is used as a label for many types of document.  But what makes a product a “knowledge product”? Many organisations working in the development sector create what they call “Knowledge Products”. The African Development bank,

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Shared by Nick Milton January 16, 2018

The 11 steps of FEMA’s lesson capture process

The US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has a pretty good process for capturing and distributing lessons. Here are the 11 steps. Every Emergency Services organisation pays close attention to Lesson-Learning  (see for the approach taken by the Wildland Fire Service). They know that effective attention to learning from lessons can save

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Shared by Nick Milton January 12, 2018

Where should you focus Knowledge Retention?

Knowledge retention can be a massive exercise if not focused. But which knowledge should you focus on retaining? Imagine you are setting up a Knowledge Retention interview with a company expert. This expert has a lifetime’s knowledge which would take an eternity to capture – where do you start? Where

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Shared by Nick Milton September 29, 2017

Reaching the deep knowledge

Reaching the Deep Knowledge often requires the help of a facilitator or interviewer, and there is a tell-tale sign that shows when you get there. “woman, thinking” by Robert Couse-Baker, on Flickr Superficial knowledge transfer happens all the time. A foreman leaves his job. The company arranges a hand-over meeting,

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Shared by Nick Milton June 9, 2017