The KM team’s post-Covid request to senior management

Favorite This letter to senior management from the KM team represents the deal you need to strike with the leaders in your organisation.  This is a post which I reprise very 5 years or so, given its importance. It’s even more important now, as your leaders start to consider what

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Shared by Nick Milton June 30, 2021

Do learning leaders produce learning organisations?

Favorite Do learning organisations require learning leaders? Almost certainly they do, but will learning leaders require their organisations to learn as well? How well do leaders learn? There is the stereotype of the bull-headed CEO, hanging on to their dream, forging ahead single-mindedly until they dominate the industry. But is

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Shared by Nick Milton September 23, 2020

The leaders who grew up with KM

Favorite Knowledge Management is now, in some industries, old enough that that leaders “grew up” with KM as a resource.  What difference does this make? Average length of time different industries havebeen doing KM. Data from the 2014 Knoco KM survey. We are many of us familiar with organisations where

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Shared by Nick Milton March 29, 2017