The power of stories in Knowledge Management

Favorite Here are 4 reasons why stories can be a very powerful way to share knowledge. I often use the US Wildland fire lessons center as a great example of knowledge sharing. Their portal contains lessons, advice, a blog, summaries of incidents, and links to videos hosted on their youtube

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Shared by Nick Milton January 29, 2021

The moment KM was born – a story

Favorite This is a reprise from the archives – a story of when KM was launched at British Petroleum through an early meeting of supporters and enthusiasts. It’s an extract from my book Performance Through Learning (available here), telling of a key moment in the history of the BP KM

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Shared by Nick Milton September 26, 2019

Quanitified KM value story #120 – Petroleum Development Oman

Favorite Our list of KM Value stories reaches number 120, with this story from Petroleum Development Oman (PDO). See the complete list. Image from wikimedia commons The story was presented last week at the UK KM Summit by Hank Malik, who gave an excellent presentation on how standard project-based Knowledge Management

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Shared by Nick Milton May 23, 2018