MediaPipe FaceStylizer: On-device real-time few-shot face stylization

Favorite Posted by Haolin Jia, Software Engineer, and Qifei Wang, Senior Software Engineer, Core ML In recent years, we have witnessed rising interest across consumers and researchers in integrated augmented reality (AR) experiences using real-time face feature generation and editing functions in mobile applications, including short videos, virtual reality, and

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Shared by Google AI Technology September 15, 2023

On-device content distillation with graph neural networks

Favorite Posted by Gabriel Barcik and Duc-Hieu Tran, Research Engineers, Google Research In today’s digital age, smartphones and desktop web browsers serve as the primary tools for accessing news and information. However, the proliferation of website clutter — encompassing complex layouts, navigation elements, and extraneous links — significantly impairs both

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Shared by Google AI Technology September 14, 2023