Tacit Knowledge and cognitive bias

Favorite Is that really Tacit Knowledge in your head, or is it just the Stories you like to tell yourself? IMAGINATION by archanN on wikimedia commons All Knowledge Managers know about the difference between tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge, and the difference between the undocumented knowledge you hold in your

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Shared by Nick Milton March 20, 2017

Designing the Knowledge Management organisation

Favorite Introducing KM into an organisation is not just a case of new technology or new processes – it involves organisational redesign as well. You can look at Knowledge Management Implementation through many lenses.  The most common are the cultural and technological lenses, which ask “What culture do we need

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Shared by Nick Milton March 17, 2017

"Knowledge Worker" – an illustration and definition

Favorite Peter Drucker introduced the term “Knowledge Worker” – but what exactly IS a Knowledge Worker? Image from Wikimedia Commons When Drucker introduced the term in 1959, in his book “Landmarks of Tomorrow”, he was primarily writing about people working in IT – the programmers, systems analysts, academics and researchers.

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Shared by Nick Milton March 16, 2017

How to hold an effective Peer Assist

Favorite Peer Assist is one of the most effective KM processes, when applied well. But what is the key to a good Peer Assist? Peer Assist in China Peer Assist is one of the most popular, simplest and most effective of the KM processes, the closest we have in KM

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Shared by Nick Milton March 15, 2017

The "busy trap" in KM

Favorite What do you do when people are too busy to implement time-saving activities such as KM? Picture from Alan O’Rourke, on  Flickr We know that good KM saves time. But how do you make the time to save the time? This was a conversation I was involved in recently

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Shared by Nick Milton March 14, 2017

Short break from blogging

Favorite I will be in China for the next  couple of weeks, with no access to my blogging platform, so this blog will take a break for 2 weeks Normal service will be resumed on May 13th View Original Source Here.

How do pilots stay disciplined in their use of knowledge?

Favorite One of the biggest challenges is knowledge re-use. How does the aviation industry address this challenge? Image from wikimedia commons I often refer to aviation as a successful example of knowledge management, with lessons captured from every accident and incident and provided to pilots in the form of checklists,

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Shared by Nick Milton February 24, 2017

Validation in Knowledge Management

Favorite Any knowledge management framework needs to address the issue of Knowledge Validation. I have an old video of Professor John Henderson, where he says “every Knowledge Management system I have seen, addresses the issue of Validation”. Validation means a process to say “this is good quality knowledge. It’s not

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Shared by Nick Milton February 23, 2017

12 steps to KM implementation

Favorite One of the more effective ways to introduce Knowledge Management is through solving a series of business problems. Here is a 12 step approach to doing just that. Image from wikimedia commons I came across this paper recently by Ray Dawson, professor of KM at Loughborough University, proposing a

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Shared by Nick Milton February 21, 2017