AWS and Mistral AI commit to democratizing generative AI with a strengthened collaboration

Favorite The generative artificial intelligence (AI) revolution is in full swing, and customers of all sizes and across industries are taking advantage of this transformative technology to reshape their businesses. From reimagining workflows to make them more intuitive and easier to enhancing decision-making processes through rapid information synthesis, generative AI

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Shared by AWS Machine Learning April 3, 2024

OSI’s Response to NTIA ‘Dual Use’ RFC 3.27.2024

Favorite March 27, 2024 Mr. Bertram LeeNational Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)U.S. Department of Commerce1401 Constitution Avenue NWWashington, DC 20230 RE: [Docket Number 240216-0052] Dual Use Foundation Artificial Intelligence Models with Widely Available Model Weights Dear Mr. Lee: The Open Source Initiative (“OSI”) appreciates the opportunity to provide our views

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Shared by voicesofopensource April 2, 2024

Open Source AI Definition – Weekly update April 2

Favorite Seeking document reviewers for Pythia and OpenCV We are now in the process of reviewing legal documents to check the compatibility with the version 0.0.6 definition of open-source AI, specifically for Pythia and OpenCV. Click here to see the past activities of the four working groups To get involved,

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Shared by voicesofopensource April 1, 2024

Provide live agent assistance for your chatbot users with Amazon Lex and Talkdesk cloud contact center

Favorite Amazon Lex provides advanced conversational artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to enable self-service support for your organization’s contact center. With Amazon Lex, you can implement an omnichannel strategy where customers engage via phone, websites, and messaging platforms. The bots can answer FAQs, provide self-service experiences, or triage customer requests before transferring

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Shared by AWS Machine Learning March 30, 2024

Generative AI to quantify uncertainty in weather forecasting

Favorite Posted by Lizao (Larry) Li, Software Engineer, and Rob Carver, Research Scientist, Google Research Accurate weather forecasts can have a direct impact on people’s lives, from helping make routine decisions, like what to pack for a day’s activities, to informing urgent actions, for example, protecting people in the face

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Shared by Google AI Technology March 29, 2024

Efficient continual pre-training LLMs for financial domains

Favorite Large language models (LLMs) are generally trained on large publicly available datasets that are domain agnostic. For example, Meta’s Llama models are trained on datasets such as CommonCrawl, C4, Wikipedia, and ArXiv. These datasets encompass a broad range of topics and domains. Although the resulting models yield amazingly good

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Shared by AWS Machine Learning March 29, 2024