A KM conference for the diary – Dublin in June

Favorite  Check out the Dublin KM conference, planned for June this year It looks really interesting, with a great collection of speakers. Definitely one for the diary View Original Source (nickmilton.com) Here.

UNDP KM strategy

Favorite Linked below is an excellent video on the 2022 KM strategy from the UN Development program.  Good to see the focus on culture and networks. View Original Source (nickmilton.com) Here.

Knoco 2023 survey results are available

Favorite  The Knoco 2023 KM survey is now available, Follow the link below to order a free copy. https://www.knoco.com/knowledge-management-survey.htm Knoco Ltd has conducted a global survey of Knowledge management every three years, starting in April 2014, with the latest in September 2023. Participation has been free, voluntary and confidential, and

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Shared by Nick Milton November 3, 2023

Lesson Learning in NATO (video)

Favorite  Here’s a great video from NATO about their lesson learned capability Source here View Original Source (nickmilton.com) Here.

RIP Larry Prusak

Favorite  Sad news today that Larry Prusak, one of the founder figures of Knowledge Management, has died. In memoriam, here are some of Larry’s words of wisdom. “Those companies that don’t adapt to understanding knowledge as a force of production more important than land labour and capital, will slowly die,

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Shared by Nick Milton September 26, 2023

Please take part in the global KM survey

Favorite  You are invited to take part in the 2023 Knoco global survey of KM.  What is this survey? This is a survey of what organisations around the world are doing under the heading of “Knowledge Management”.  This is the 4th survey in a series; the previous surveys were held

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Shared by Nick Milton August 21, 2023

Should you be able to time-write knowledge management activity?

Favorite A common question from clients in professional services, legal or consulting firms, which usually operate a strict time-writing regime, is “How do we Time-write KM activity”? Image from wikimedia commonsCreative commons licenceAuthor LetsgomusicStyle In an industry where billable hour is king, how do you time write, and therefore bill,

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Shared by Nick Milton August 14, 2023

What’s the size of your "knowledge footprint"?

Favorite How far does your knowledge spread in your organisation? Image from wikimedia commons We are used to the idea of the Carbon Footprint – the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of your activities – but what about your Knowledge Footprint? This is the

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Shared by Nick Milton August 10, 2023