Why facilitation is crucial to the success of KM processes

As long as Knowledge Management involves face-to-face or virtual interactions between teams and individuals, Facilitation has a key role to play. Good facilitation is essential to effective face-to-face KM processes.  Effectively identifying and exchanging knowledge in a meeting requires high quality interactions between people. These interactions need to be built

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Shared by Nick Milton July 4, 2022

Pride: an incentive or a disincentive in Knowledge Management?

Pride is an interesting motivator in Knowledge Management. In some cases it acts as a real dis-incentive, but if harnessed well it can be a powerful driver for KM behaviours. Proud Lion from Public Domain Pictures I was reflecting on this recently while running one of our powerful Bird Island exercises.

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Shared by Nick Milton June 27, 2022

How KM delivers value by solving knowledge problems

Much of the value delivered through Knowledge Management comes as a result of solving problems. “How do you show the value of Knowledge Management?”  Yet another client was asking me the same question – how can you demonstrate the value? I had just quoted to him Shell’s 2007 claim that they delivered

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Shared by Nick Milton June 13, 2022

Knowledge management: formal or informal? Connect or Collect?

People are often instinctively drawn towards one component of Knowledge Management. Here’s a way of looking at those components. Choices about the approach to KM are often made implicitly, emotionally, or through assumption, so it’s worth taking time out to analyse these approaches intellectually, before starting work on your Knowledge

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Shared by Nick Milton June 6, 2022

How do pilots ensure knowledge is reused?

One of the biggest challenges is knowledge re-use. How does the aviation industry address this challenge? Image from wikimedia commons I often refer to aviation as a successful example of knowledge management, with lessons captured from every accident and incident and provided to pilots in the form of checklists, or

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Shared by Nick Milton May 16, 2022

Why warring personalities are crucial for innovation

Why were the Wright brothers the first to invent the aeroplane? Perhaps because there were two of them, and because they fought all the time. Wilbur and Orville Wright, from wikimedia commons Anyone who is interested in innovation should visit the Basadur Applied Creativity site. There you will find some

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Shared by Nick Milton May 3, 2022