Incentivising Knowledge Management; lessons from NASA

Here is insight into how NASA tackles the issue of incentives and motivation for KM behaviours.   Image from wikimedia commons Incentives and motivation has long been a topic on this blog.  Here in Knoco we believe in intrinsic motivation rather than motivation through rewards or prizes, preferring to use

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Shared by Nick Milton December 14, 2021

The top 7 tips for successful knowledge management programs

This is a blog post I repeat every 5 years or so, my summary of Top 7 success factors for implementing Knowledge Management.  There are more than 7, of course (see the knowledge manager’s handbook for details), but these are some of the most fundamental recommendations. Many if not all

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Shared by Nick Milton November 29, 2021

Value-focused Knowledge Management (video)

 The video below is from a talk I gave to the Gesellschaft für Wissensmanagement (GfWM) knowledge camp last week, on the topic of “value focused KM”. You can find more videos from the same event here. The video lasts about 30 minutes, and covers the source of value that KM taps

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Shared by Nick Milton November 26, 2021