Manage your Amazon Fraud Detector resources in an automated and secure manner using AWS CloudFormation

Favorite Amazon Fraud Detector is a fully managed service that makes it easy to identify potentially fraudulent online activities, such as the creation of fake accounts or online payment fraud. Unlike general-purpose machine learning (ML) packages, Amazon Fraud Detector is designed specifically to detect fraud. Amazon Fraud Detector combines your

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Shared by AWS Machine Learning September 10, 2021

Adding custom data sources to Amazon Kendra

Favorite Amazon Kendra is a highly accurate and easy-to-use intelligent search service powered by machine learning (ML). Amazon Kendra provides native connectors for popular data sources like Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), SharePoint, ServiceNow, OneDrive, Salesforce, and Confluence so you can easily add data from different content repositories and

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Shared by AWS Machine Learning November 4, 2020

Hello world!

Favorite Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!