Why incrementalism doesn’t work for KM change

Incrementalism will not work as a way to introduce Knowledge Management. KM is a mindshift – a giant leap – not a series of small steps. One giant leap by Vivobarefoot on Flickr Incrementalism is a method of working or changing by using many small incremental changes instead of one

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Shared by Nick Milton January 22, 2021

Loss Aversion, and the dis-incentives for KM-based change

The risk of loss of the status quo can be a powerful disincentive for change, and can be a powerful factor working against knowledge management implementation. There is a very apt quote from Machiavelli (The Prince, 1532), which applies to Knowledge Management as it does to any change initiative: “There

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Shared by Nick Milton December 14, 2020

Internal competition – the KM-killer

If Knowledge Management is like gardening and the knowledge manager is like a gardener (see here to understand the metaphor), then Internal competition is like a late frost that kills all your green shoots.  Frosted by Lauryn on Flickr There is no point in planting the seeds of Knowledge Management

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Shared by Nick Milton July 28, 2020

KM change is not top down or bottom up, but side to side

Is KM change better seen as top-down, or bottom-up? The answer is Neither; it’s side to side. Lighting a prescribed fire, from nps.gov Thanks to Steve Dale for alerting me to this post from Digital Tonto entitled “True Transformation Isn’t Top-Down Or Bottom-Up, But Side-To-Side, which offers a really interesting

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Shared by Nick Milton July 18, 2019