The Knowledge Manager as Supply Chain manager – an analogy

Favorite If Knowledge Management is like a supply chain for knowledge, then the Knowledge Manager is the Supply Chain manager. Image from wikipedia japan I have blogged many times about the analogy between Knowledge Management and a supply chain for knowledge. Like all analogies, this is limited (the view of

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Shared by Nick Milton July 19, 2021

How to measure the waste in the KM supply chain

Favorite If KM is a lean supply chain for knowledge, how can you measure the amount of waste in the chain? Shredded waste, image from wikimedia commons I have often used the concept of a knowledge supply chain as a way of describing Knowledge Management; the supply chain being a

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Shared by Nick Milton October 5, 2020

Maximising bandwidth in KM

Favorite We all suffer from bandwidth issues in KM – generally due to the deluge of information. Here’s a good principle from the military for dealing with these issues. Information overload by SparkCBC on Flickr The phrase – “Smart push, warrior pull” (described here). is a very useful military principle for

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Shared by Nick Milton September 16, 2020

Running the KM "supply chain" on lean principles

Favorite If we see KM as a supply chain, supplying knowledge to the knowledge worker in order that they can make the right business decision, then we can apply concepts such as lean to optimise that supply chain. There are other ways to use lean principles to improve KM, such

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Shared by Nick Milton July 20, 2020

How to remove waste from Knowledge Management

Favorite This updated reprise from the archives uses the Lean Supply Chain as an analogy for KM, and suggests ways in which we can remove waste from Knowledge Management. There is a lot of value on using metaphors as different ways to look at KM, this blog has frequently used

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Shared by Nick Milton March 5, 2020

Lesson learning as a supply chain

Favorite Another reprise from the archives – the idea of lessons being the “car parts” of knowledge This post is a combination of three ideas, to see if they come up with something new. Idea number 1 – the idea of an organisation as a knowledge factory, sparked by Lord

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Shared by Nick Milton October 5, 2018

7 Metrics for the KM supply chain

Favorite The Supply Chain analogy for KM suggests several metrics we can use. I have often used the analogy of the supply chain as one way of thinking about KM. This involves looking at KM as a chain of processes supplying knowledge to the user. This analogy has the benefit of

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Shared by Nick Milton August 13, 2018