Join Our Virtual Congress

CYBERCASEMANAGER ENTERPRISES is an employee-owned company that practices organizational democracy in alignment with its bylaws for selecting leadership and policies that effect our employees and customers.
We invite open peer review of our operations, policies, and technologies, in our Peer Review Forums. Any registered member of our network, including employees, customers, partners and/or anonymous visitors are welcome to provide feedback in these forums.
We also invite participation in the forums of our Communities of Practice, where comments and discussion on more narrowly defined matters effecting a particular professional practice can occur.
Our employees may also occasionally call for a “virtual congress”, in which we ask stakeholders to join us in our decision making process. In order to participate in a session of our Virtual Congress, you must subscribe to the specific community practice of which that particular session concerns.
While you do not need to subscribe to any of the peer review forums to participate in discussions there about our operations, policies and technologies, you DO need to join each specific community of practice IF you wish to be included within the occasional sessions of virtual congress that are held there. Visit the Communities of Practice page to join specific communities there if you are interested.