What the NASA CKO said about KM policies

Knowledge Management policies are still rare, and opinion on them is divided. Here is what the CKO of NASA said about the topic. Image from Wikimedia commons Knowledge Management policies are coming. When the ISO KM standard is in place, next year or the year after, a KM policy becomes

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Shared by Nick Milton May 23, 2017

A value-led KM story

I have blogged many times about how Knowledge Management should be value-led, and driven by the needs of the business. Here’s a story of how one KM Community leader helped define that value in a very graphic form.  Image from wikimedia commons The story was told to me by my

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Shared by Nick Milton May 22, 2017

27 ways in which a Community of Practice can add value

How can communities of practice add value? Let me count the ways. Image from wikimedia commons Here’s a list we made of 27 different mechanisms by which a community of practice can add value to an organisation. No doubt you can think of more! Community members can solve problems for

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Shared by Nick Milton May 19, 2017

Are communities of practice getting smaller?

A preliminary result from the Knoco 2016 survey suggests that Communities of Practice may be getting smaller over time. In our survey of Knowledge Management around the world, we asked a series of questions about Communities of Practice, one of which was “What is the typical size (number of members)

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Shared by Nick Milton May 18, 2017

Knowledge Assets – the "Knowledge First" format

The way we write reports, especially scientific reports, is not the way we should write Knowledge Assets in a Wiki. Image from MaxPixel I am consulting with a firm which is moving much of its current knowledge into wiki format, on order to take it out of the document library

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Shared by Nick Milton May 17, 2017

When communities of practice become strategic

There is a natural lifecycle or maturation cycle for communities of practice, and in the most mature stage they become a vehicle for strategy. Image from wikimedia commons We can see that through the many Maturity models that people have set up for CoPs, that there is a maturation process

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Shared by Nick Milton May 16, 2017

How to make a start in KM – answers from the survey

The Knoco 2017 survey of global Knowledge Management has recently closed, with submissions from 428 participants. Here is an interesting insight from the preliminary results. This insight is a combination of two of the questions, and it seeks analyse the most effective ways to get your KM program started.  The

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Shared by Nick Milton May 15, 2017

Knowledge management – mapping the elephant

Good quality positive dialogue helps us “map out the elephant” KM working team – me third from left I have just spent a really interesting couple of days on the working team for the ISO KM standard, and one of the most interesting things was the diversity of emphasis among

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Shared by Nick Milton May 12, 2017

Whose knowledge is it anyway?

Does the knowledge in your head belong to you, or does in belong to the organisation you work for? The answer is not as clear as you might think. Confidentiality by Kathy Kimpel on Flickr A few years ago there was a spirited discussion on Linked In, about who owns

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Shared by Nick Milton May 10, 2017