Example Community of Practice charters

Every community of practice should have a charter, but what does a good charter look like? Image from wikimedia commons One of the main success factors for a community of practice is a charter. A charter is a definitional/governance document, created by the community members, which describes what the community

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Shared by Nick Milton June 17, 2019

When knowledge sharing becomes collaboration

There is a step in the maturation of communities of practice when their focus shifts from knowledge sharing to collaboration Working together, a photo by Hepcat75 on Flickr. Collaboration is an unnatural act in humans. We are tribal animals, and all our instincts lead us to see life in terms

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Shared by Nick Milton March 27, 2019

What is the value proposition for a community of practice?

The whole purpose of community is enabling people to help each other. Vkw.studiogood [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons The primary vision of Community is a group of people who help each other.  This might be an Amish community raising a barn, pooling their strength and skills to help each

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Shared by Nick Milton November 30, 2018

4 reasons why communities of practice can die young

It is not uncommon for communities of practice to start with passion and intent, and to fade away and die out over a period of months. Here are 4 possible reasons why. Image from wikimedia commons I have just been reading a very interesting article entitled The Rise and Fall

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Shared by Nick Milton November 26, 2018

What you need to know about social tools and KM

Here is a very interesting article from HBR entitled “What managers need to know about social tools” – thanks to Anshuman Rath for bringing it to my attention.  It’s well worth a complete read. Image by Codynguyen1116on wikimedia commons The article by Paul Leonardi and Tsedal Neeley, from the Nov/Dec issue

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Shared by Nick Milton November 20, 2018

2 types of community of practice.

There are two main types of community of practice depending on how knowledgeable the community members are. One type of community of practice exists to connect knowledgeable people, so they can share knowledge with each other and act as a resource for each other. The other type exists to connect

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Shared by Nick Milton November 14, 2018

Analysing questions in a community of practice

An analysis of searches and queries can tell you a lot about the knowledge topics which are of the greatest value in your organisation. Analysing patterns of searches helps you to identify the emergent knowledge topics, the knowledge gaps, and the “hot potatoes” in your organisation, your community, or in

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Shared by Nick Milton September 11, 2018

A story about the long tail of knowledge

Here’s a story about how Knowledge can be found in the Long Tail within a community of practice. I blogged recently about the Long Tail of Knowledge, and how a Community of Practice can find answers and advice from practitioners other than the core group of company experts. Here is

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Shared by Nick Milton June 21, 2018