The Knowledge Manager as Gardener – an organic metaphor

Favorite People often think of Knowledge as being Organic, or being an Ecosystem. But what does this imply for Knowledge Management and for the Knowledge Manager?  gardener, Filoli, by David McSpadden on Flickr The ecosystem or the garden is a pretty good metaphor for the world of Knowledge in an

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Shared by Nick Milton February 5, 2020

What makes a community of practice successful? Top 10 factors

Favorite There have been many articles and blog posts (including here) listing “Top Success Factors for Communities of Practice“. Usually these are based on a combination of experience and theory. Here’s a different approach. Image from wikimedia commons As part of our global global Knowledge Management Surveys in 2014 and

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Shared by Nick Milton August 27, 2019

Bigger communities of practice are more effective, data shows

Favorite The bigger a community of practice is, the more value it delivers. At least according to our KM surveys.  Knoco conducted two major surveys of knowledge management programs in 2014 and 2017, collecting in total more than 700 results. As part of the survey, participants were asked whether Communities

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Shared by Nick Milton June 28, 2019

Example Community of Practice charters

Favorite Every community of practice should have a charter, but what does a good charter look like? Image from wikimedia commons One of the main success factors for a community of practice is a charter. A charter is a definitional/governance document, created by the community members, which describes what the

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Shared by Nick Milton June 17, 2019

When knowledge sharing becomes collaboration

Favorite There is a step in the maturation of communities of practice when their focus shifts from knowledge sharing to collaboration Working together, a photo by Hepcat75 on Flickr. Collaboration is an unnatural act in humans. We are tribal animals, and all our instincts lead us to see life in

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Shared by Nick Milton March 27, 2019

What is the value proposition for a community of practice?

Favorite The whole purpose of community is enabling people to help each other. Vkw.studiogood [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons The primary vision of Community is a group of people who help each other.  This might be an Amish community raising a barn, pooling their strength and skills to help

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Shared by Nick Milton November 30, 2018

4 reasons why communities of practice can die young

Favorite It is not uncommon for communities of practice to start with passion and intent, and to fade away and die out over a period of months. Here are 4 possible reasons why. Image from wikimedia commons I have just been reading a very interesting article entitled The Rise and

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Shared by Nick Milton November 26, 2018