What you need to know about social tools and KM

Favorite Here is a very interesting article from HBR entitled “What managers need to know about social tools” – thanks to Anshuman Rath for bringing it to my attention.  It’s well worth a complete read. Image by Codynguyen1116on wikimedia commons The article by Paul Leonardi and Tsedal Neeley, from the Nov/Dec

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Shared by Nick Milton November 20, 2018

2 types of community of practice.

Favorite There are two main types of community of practice depending on how knowledgeable the community members are. One type of community of practice exists to connect knowledgeable people, so they can share knowledge with each other and act as a resource for each other. The other type exists to

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Shared by Nick Milton November 14, 2018

Analysing questions in a community of practice

Favorite An analysis of searches and queries can tell you a lot about the knowledge topics which are of the greatest value in your organisation. Analysing patterns of searches helps you to identify the emergent knowledge topics, the knowledge gaps, and the “hot potatoes” in your organisation, your community, or

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Shared by Nick Milton September 11, 2018

A story about the long tail of knowledge

Favorite Here’s a story about how Knowledge can be found in the Long Tail within a community of practice. I blogged recently about the Long Tail of Knowledge, and how a Community of Practice can find answers and advice from practitioners other than the core group of company experts. Here

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Shared by Nick Milton June 21, 2018

The Long Tail of experience in communiies of practice

Favorite Part of the value of communities of practice is proividing access to the Long Tail of experience There is a tendency in many companies to see Knowledge as being the province of the Experts. As a result, they set up expert centres to look after the knowledge, and expert

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Shared by Nick Milton June 11, 2018

Building DWP’s Delivery Manager Community (video)

Favorite Here is a nice Youtube video about the launch of a community of practice for Delivery Managers at the UK Department for Work and Pensions. It’s good to see the energy this event created, as well as the opportunities for knowledge sharing. You can read more about their community

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Shared by Nick Milton June 1, 2018

The heart and soul of a Community of Practice

Favorite What makes a group of people into a Community of Practice? Recently I read a document which asserted that the employees within an organisation are naturally a community of practice, because they all work together in service of the same organisational goal. That immediately struck me as wrong, but why

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Shared by Nick Milton January 22, 2018

4 ways in which communities of practice can be embedded

Favorite Here is a really interesting article about the ways in which Communities of Practice can be embedded in an organisation The article is  about the management of Networks of Practice  in the development sector, and how to draw the balance between managing them too much, or too little. The authors (Marlous

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Shared by Nick Milton December 14, 2017

An unmoderated community is its own worst enemy

Favorite Here is a very interesting talk, by Clay Shirky, the writer on Internet Technologies and Society In the talk, he points out that over the history of online collaborative groups using social software, there is a predictable pattern which emerges time after time in open unmoderated groups, namely that

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Shared by Nick Milton December 12, 2017