A value-led KM story

Favorite I have blogged many times about how Knowledge Management should be value-led, and driven by the needs of the business. Here’s a story of how one KM Community leader helped define that value in a very graphic form.  Image from wikimedia commons The story was told to me by

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Shared by Nick Milton May 22, 2017

27 ways in which a Community of Practice can add value

Favorite How can communities of practice add value? Let me count the ways. Image from wikimedia commons Here’s a list we made of 27 different mechanisms by which a community of practice can add value to an organisation. No doubt you can think of more! Community members can solve problems

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Shared by Nick Milton May 19, 2017

Are communities of practice getting smaller?

Favorite A preliminary result from the Knoco 2016 survey suggests that Communities of Practice may be getting smaller over time. In our survey of Knowledge Management around the world, we asked a series of questions about Communities of Practice, one of which was “What is the typical size (number of

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Shared by Nick Milton May 18, 2017

When communities of practice become strategic

Favorite There is a natural lifecycle or maturation cycle for communities of practice, and in the most mature stage they become a vehicle for strategy. Image from wikimedia commons We can see that through the many Maturity models that people have set up for CoPs, that there is a maturation

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Shared by Nick Milton May 16, 2017

Case study video – CoPs at Homeland Security

Favorite Here is an interesting video by Jose Vazquez on the use of Communities of Practice for First Responders at Homeland Security in the USA. First Responder Communities of Practice is a professional networking, collaboration and communication platform created by the Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate to

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Shared by Nick Milton February 6, 2017

Why a Community Charter is important

Favorite Communities of practice are one of the corenerstones of Knowledge Management, and one of the keys to successful communities is a good Charter. Community core team in front of their draft charter Communities of practice are perhaps the most popular element of Knowledge Management Frameworks. In our Knowledge Management

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Shared by Nick Milton January 30, 2017

Communities of practice – wild gardens, or market gardens?

Favorite What sort of garden is your community of practice? Barnsley House kitchen garden, from wikimedia commons One of my stock sayings is that if knowledge is organic, KM is gardening. This recognises that knowledge is not a uniform commodity than can be counted out like money, but also recognises

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Shared by Nick Milton January 19, 2017

More success factors for Communities of Practice

Favorite Building on yesterday’s post, here is some more data on the success factors for CoPs. As part of the Knoco 2014 survey on Knowledge Management, participants were asked whether Communities of Practice (CoPs) formed part of their KM approach. 73% answered Yes.  Interestingly, the people who answered Yes (and

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Shared by Nick Milton January 17, 2017

Why communities of practice succeed, and why they fail

Favorite This blog has already published several articles about KM success factors. Here is another slant on the topic. Communities of practice are such as core component of any Knowledge Management Framework that people are very interested in why they work, and why they fail. We find, for example; the

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Shared by Nick Milton January 16, 2017