How to select a methodology for a CoP event

You want to plan a face to face event for your Community of Practice in order to transfer knowledge, but which event style do you select? This is a discussion I have been having recently, and it struck me that this might be a useful blog post. Now there may

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Shared by Nick Milton March 2, 2020

The fantastic example knowledge resource that is Radiopaedia

This reprised blog post is a reminder of that amazing example of free and open knowledge sharing that is Radiopaedia X-ray published in ABC news, taken from Radiopaedia  As described in this fascinating article,   Radiopaedia is an online wiki where Radiologists all over the globe share online X-rays that are interesting, unusual, or demonstrate particular

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Shared by Nick Milton February 26, 2020

Do social media stifle knowledge sharing?

Do online social media drive a “spiral of silence” which can stifle proper debate?  It can, according to this techcrunch article, which points to this survey from Pew Research. Shhh by Catherine on Flickr I think everyone would agree that for knowledge to be shared effectively in organisations, people need to

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Shared by Nick Milton February 12, 2020

To share more knowledge, build bigger tribes

We are built to share knowledge within our tribes. To improve knowledge sharing, build bigger tribes. Papua New Guinea – True North –on Flickr – source/credit: North Star Cruises. Photograph by David Kirkland.  Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0) As humans, we have  always had the ability, through language to

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Shared by Nick Milton February 3, 2020

The two chambers of the KM heart

The heart of KM keeps knowledge flowing, and that heart has two chambers.  Image from wikipedia You can think of the organisation as a body, and knowledge flowing round the organisation like blood flows round a body.  But what is at the heart of KM? Is it knowledge sharing? Is

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Shared by Nick Milton September 24, 2019

The four contexts for Knowledge Transfer

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for knowledge transfer, because not every transfer context is the same.  However we can look at four main classes or types of knowledge transfer, by looking at the dimensions of TIME and LOCATION. There are other dimensions as well, such as whether the transfer is

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Shared by Nick Milton September 5, 2019

How knowledge can be "the thread through the labyrinth"

“The thread through the labyrinth” is a metaphor for allowing others to follow our steps safely. This is what Knowledge can do.  German cave diver holding line, by Hossam El-Hamalawi on Flickr When Theseus negotiated Daedelus’ labyrinth in order to kill the Minotaur, he left a thread behind him (provided

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Shared by Nick Milton July 5, 2019