First preliminary results from the Knoco 2020 survey

The Knoco 2020 Survey of KM is about half way through its open period for accepting contributions. We have some early findings, and your own contribution is still very welcome. The Knoco 2020 survey of knowledge management is the third in a triennial series of surveys of the global status

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Shared by Nick Milton April 21, 2020

Cultural barriers to KM – updated

Which are the most common cultural barriers to KM? How do these barriers change with KM maturity? Which parts of the world have the most cultural barriers?   These are some of the questions we addressed in our recent surveys of Knowledge Management. The results from the 2014 survey are presented

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Shared by Nick Milton March 13, 2020

CKO skills, revisited

In 2015 I published a post showing that a significant proportion of CKOs know very little about Knowledge Management, at least according to their Linked-in profiles. This year I revisited these stats. It seems things have improved a little, but there are still a lot of CKOs out there with

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Shared by Nick Milton March 12, 2020

Do social media stifle knowledge sharing?

Do online social media drive a “spiral of silence” which can stifle proper debate?  It can, according to this techcrunch article, which points to this survey from Pew Research. Shhh by Catherine on Flickr I think everyone would agree that for knowledge to be shared effectively in organisations, people need to

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Shared by Nick Milton February 12, 2020

A new way to differentiate Industry approaches to KM?

If you are interested in how different industries approach KM, here is a new way to differentiate them.  Different industries tend to approach KM in different ways, or apply KM in “different flavours.”  In September I posted a ternary plot, where different industries were plotted on their relative focus on

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Shared by Nick Milton December 2, 2019

The main reasons for KM failure

From our global survey, the reasons why 18 organisations gave up on KM, and how to stop this happening to you. One of the questions in our 2014 and 2017 Global Survey of Knowledge Management asked about the current status of KM in the respondents’ organisations, and for those 18

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Shared by Nick Milton October 22, 2019