How newly hired graduates search for knowledge?

How do graduates search for knowledge, and what this means for KM.   Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay Here (summarised here and slides here) is a really interesting study about the difference between the strategies that new-hires use when seeking for information and knowledge, and the strategies their employers expect them

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Shared by Nick Milton October 2, 2020

The importance of maximising knowledge findability

How many times do people miss knowledge because they don’t know it exists, or can’t find it? Image from wikimedia commonsattribution Dg-505, CC licence My guess is that this happens all the time. Someone creates a great knowledge resource, but others don’t know about it, and even if they do

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Shared by Nick Milton September 7, 2020

Why good Titles are important in KM

If you want knowledge in a lesson, post or knowledge article to be found, give it a good title. One of the occasional recurring themes of this blog is the importance of Knowledge findability. Knowledge needs to be used in order to add value, and before it can be used

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Shared by Nick Milton March 9, 2018